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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in Murau, Knittelfeld, Voitsberg, Deutschlandsberg and Leibnitz districts of Steiermark (Styria)

Vineyard in the snow - South West Steiermar

Vineyard in the snow - South West Steiermark

South-West Steiermark.

South of the main alpine massif the South-West Steiermark forms a crescent, following the River Mur as it comes down from the Hohe Tauern mountain range and flows onto Slovenia.

At its furthest points it is no more than a 90 minute drive from the city of Graz, the north western part is no more than a 60 minute drive from well-known ski areas and the south east is well within the “Thermen-Land”.

The area includes the Murau, Knittelfeld, Voitsberg, Deutschlandsberg and Leibnitz districts.



The North West Segment - The Upper Murtal region
The Murtal Railway

The Murtal Railway

The peaks of the Tauern, the Zirbitzkogel, the Seetaler and the Seckauer Alps and the gentle curves of the Nockberge guarantee an excellent holiday experience and hiking adventures between 800 and 2,700 metres above sea level the whole year round.

In summer there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and in winter, obviously there ia skiing. For both skier and snowboarder there are wonderful pistes on 8 Murtal ski mountains: Turracher Höhe, Kreischberg, Lachtal, Grebenzen, Hohentauern, Frauenalpe, Präbichl and Gaal.

There are designated descents and alternatives, powder, wonderful pistes for casual skiers, beginners' pistes and a range of options for children and families.

Murau - Climbing, indoors and outdoors

Murau - Climbing, indoors and outdoors


Judenburg is a small market town, dating back to the 10th century, with two impressive modern attractions.

Judenburg - in Winter

Judenburg - in Winter

The Puch Museum
Judenburg - The Puch Museum

Judenburg - The Puch Museum

The Puch Motor Museum is dedicated to the Puch brand and the people who stood behind these unique developments.

It shows the milestones vehicle of development and makes it comprehensible and clear, enabling all visitors appreciate the advances and produces overall pleasant experience for the whole family.

The Puch 500, the Puch Maxi, Puch G, the Pinzgauer, the Haflinger as well as the wide range of motorbikes and bicycles are on show.

Every year the museum also organizes the Judenburger Puch-Parade.

Judenburg Planetarium

The “Star Tower” of the Judenburg Planetarium is located inside the 75 m tall city tower in the middle of the Judenburger main square.

The 'Star Tower' of the Judenburg

Judenburg - 'Star Tower'

On 7 November 2006 the most up-to-date planetarium in Austria opened its doors Judenburg in Austria's highest city tower.

Not only is it the highest planetarium in the world it is also one of the most modern - and unquestionably the most unusual. You ascend the Star Tower by either 254 + 16 steps or with a glass lift. This leads through the ancient massive belfry to a glass floor and glass roof that make the trip into a unique experience.


Lipizzaner horses

There BeDragons Horses There

Piber, Köflach



Lipizzaner - Dam and colt

In 1920 after the First World War in Austria the remaining prized herds of Lipizzaner horses were transferred to the imperial stud farm in Piber, near Köflach.

The breeding of Lipizzaner builds on previous practice of the former imperial stud farm Lipica (toady the village of Lipica is in Slovenia, close to the border with Italy) and still follows the old methods of breeding: breeding the best Lipizzaner stallions that will go for training at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. They entertain more than 150,000 visitors from around the world every year.


The Lipizzaner breed is the oldest pure-bred race in the world. It used to be called Karster. This breed got its name from the stud farm Lipica, the original breeding ground in the former Habsburg monarchy.

Most Lipizzaner horses are grey and are dark in colour as foals. When they are 6-10 years old they turn white.

The South-East Segment - Deutschlandsberg & Leibnitz

This is wine country. With pale green vineyards in spring that turn into warm yellow during the summer and change to orange and red shades in autumn, with diverse forest, pumpkin fields and orchards, flanked by small and winding roads. It is an area of dreamily vine bowers and sunny terraces, a region with unique people, marvelous vines and delicious meals.



A collection of Schilcher wines

A collection of Schilcher wines

This is the traditional area for growing Schilcher,

“Schilcher" is a special type of rosé wine which is made from Blauer Wildbacher. Only in Styria can the wine be called Schilcher.

The Blauer Wildbacher vine is the oldest Austrian type of vine which apparently originates from Celtic times. Schilcher can be traced back as far as the 16th century. It is almost exclusively grown in Western Styria at elevations of up to 600m above sea level.

The wine is onion to ruby coloured and has a marked, strong sharpness. It has a very fresh taste.

This area also is also home to some of the most beautiful wine hiking trails.

Schilcher Weinstraße

Schilcher Weinstraße

The Schilcher wine route - Schilcher Weinstraße

Along this route lie the villages and towns of Deutschlandsberg, Eibiswald, Gross St. Florian, Krottendorf, Schwanberg, St. Stefan, Stainz, Wies and Wernerdord. The Wildbacher vines grow on the slopes the route.

Südsteirische Weinstraße

Südsteirische Weinstraße

The Southern Styrian wine route - Südsteirische Weinstraße
Südsteirische Weinstraße

Südsteirische Weinstraße

It is the oldest most and well-known of all wine routes (in existence since 1955), both because of its length and the number of wine producers along the route.

Whether you start from Ehrenhausen, Spielfeld or from the vine land side at Leutschach, the route takes you through idyllic vineyards, towns like Gamlitz, Ratsch an der Weinstrasse, Berghausen, Sulztal an der Weinstrasse, Glanz an der Weinstrasse, Eichberg, Trautenburg and Schlossberg.

Südsteirische Weinstraße

Südsteirische Weinstraße

The quality as well as the density of wineries is particularly high here. The list is headed by internationally renowned names like Polz, Sabathi, Skoff, Tement and many more.

The 25km long route is lined with poplars and chestnut trees and runs for 5km along the Slovenian border. Several excellent Weissburgunders, Welschrieslings, Sauvignon Blancs and Mukatellers ripen along this route.

What a place to live!

What a place to live!

Here are some suggestions for hikes.

Interactive hiking map of the area

Sausaler Wine Route

Starts in the wine town of Leibnitz, goes to the Southern slops of the Sausaler wine growing area, through Sulmtal and heads steeply uphill to Kitzeck. The path takes you through the steepest vineyards in Styria with wonderful views.

Sausaler Wine Route

Sausaler Wine Route

Man does not live by wine alone

Here are some oil alternatives
Styrian Pumpkin, Pumpkin seed & Pumpkin seed oil

Styrian Pumpkin, Pumpkin seed & Pumpkin seed oil

'Oil Trail' cycling tours



The 'Oil Trail' Tour

The 'Oil Trail' Tour

What a place to live!


Booklet of further attractions in the area (German) PDF format.

We usually have quite a number of properties for sale in Steiermark (Styria) and we just cannot list them all. We have building plots, commercial premises, Hotels, Gasthofs and apartment houses, apartments, family houses, wine cellars, weekend houses, renovation properties and so on.

Please tell us what you are looking for.

Properties for Sale

Ski and summer log cabin for sale in Stadl an der Mur Price €195,000

Ski and summer log cabin for sale in Stadl an der Mur

A three bedroom log cabin on a development of holiday chalets in a lovely part of Austria.




Three bedrooms


Double car port


P.ID.: DPIC615

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