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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Fürstenfeld, Steiermark (Styria)



Fürstenfeld - The Town

Fürstenfeld: Rural charms in Eastern Styria

Fürstenfeld is a town of approximately 6,000 inhabitants in East Styria (Steiermark). It is the capital (Bezirkshauptstadt) of the district and the centre for education, trade and traffic - as well as regional administration.

Fürstenfeld itself is known for its ideal setting: It offers great access to the spa area of Styria (Steirisches Thermenland), the vineyards with many Buschenschank inns and other rural delights of south-eastern Austria. In terms of sightseeing attractions, Fürstenfeld has several interesting historic buildings; the city centre offers a great opportunity for a relaxed stroll, and there are the remains of a fortress.

Fürstenfeld town - Pfeilburg

Fürstenfeld town - Pfeilburg

A very important building is the Pfeilburg, a "castle" that is considered to be the oldest non-religious building of Fürstenfeld. In fact, the core of the Pfeilburg ranks among the oldest Medieval buildings in all of Styria. Fürstenfeld has an unusual city hall: The Fürstenfeld Rathaus can be found in a tower from 1565, called Grazer Tor.

Fürstenfeld town - Grazer Tor

Fürstenfeld town - Grazer Tor

The other two main attractions are the Landesfürstliche Burg Schloss am Stein, a castle with origins that date back to 1170. It was built by Margrave Ottokar IV. The Pfeilburg is linked to a Tobacco Museum, which shows how important tobacco was for the local agriculture. The Ungarbastei is a 16th century fortress; it was built according to designs by the Italian military engineer Domenico dell′Allio after 1596.

Landesfürstliche Burg Schloss am Stein

Landesfürstliche Burg Schloss am Stein

“B'soffener Türk “ – The drunk Turk

In front of the town hall there is a sculpture by Prof. Hans Mauracher that commemorates an incident during the war between the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus and Emperor Frederick III.

In 1480 Hungarian troops advanced against Fürstenfeld. The Emperor sent his Croat troops to help defend the town. On the way from Graz to Fürstenfeld the Croats decided to visit a few wine cellars and got drunk. As a result, the majority of them were killed by the Hungarians. So the "b'soffene Turk" is actually a "b'soffener Croat".

B'soffener Türk

B'soffener Türk


Fürstenfeld - Vicinity

The mild climate of this hilly landscape makes the Styria spa region the most fertile land in Austria. Charming, small towns, beautiful castles, vineyards, orchards, spas and a variety of recreational facilities are scattered all over this region.

fruit of the land
Hiking and Biking
The Culinary Delights Tour

Culinary delights in and around Fürstenfeld, 47 km to 33 km, Easy - Ambitious

Fürstenfeld - Sochau - Riegersburg - Hatzendorf - Übersbach - Fürstenfeld

Cycle from Fürstenfeld via the “herb village” of Sochau to Riegersburg Castle and to the culinary highlights of the region.

Tips for your enjoyment: Söchau herb gardens, Café Wilfling, the Thaller Winery, Riegersburg, Riegersburger Hof, Vinothek Riegersburg, the Zotter chocolate factory, Fruit distillery & vinegar maker Gölles, Gasthof Malerwinkl, Pfeilburg

Riegersburg cable car

Riegersburg cable car

The winery Thaller impresses with excellent wines, which are fermented in the newly built castle. In the adjacent store you buy top products from the region.

Continue through the village Breitenfeld direction Riegersburg: When you get over the ridge you see the magnificent Riegersburg castle built on basalt rock, the emblem of the Südoststeiermark. At the foot of the Riegersburg a cable car can you into the fortress in just 1 ½ minutes.

Continuing around the fortress there is the village of Riegersburg where both the Riegersburgerhof and the Riegersburger wine bar invite you to linger and taste.

Sweet Temptations!

The chocolate factory

The chocolate factory

After this enjoyable break cross Riegersburg. Make sure to stop at the chocolate factory of Sepp Zotter. There are more than 90 different varieties of handmade chocolates made by the “Meister” waiting to be sampled.

Past the swimming pool through the Grazbachtal in the direction of Stang, you can take a detour to the Obstbrennerei & Essigmanufaktur Gölles (Fruit distillery [Brandy] & vinegar maker).

The brandy cellar at Gölles

The Schnappskeller (brandy cellar) at Gölles

After tasting sone of the distilled spirits the additional uphill stretch will be forgotten.

Visit the art cooking

Gasthaus Malerwinkl

Gasthaus Malerwinkl

The homeward stretch leads to Hatzendorf. There in Gasthaus Malerwinkl you will be pampered with culinary delights by master-chef and artist Peter Troissinger. Try and get there off season or not during the meal-rush, you might also be rewarded with a pleasant chat.

Eat & Art at Gasthaus Malerwinkl

Eat & Art at Gasthaus Malerwinkl

You now have two options: Compete the route and return to Fürstenfeld by bike and explore some more gems along the railway line or alternatively complete you journey with a pleasant train ride from Hatzendorf to Fürstenfeld on the Thermenbahn (spa train).

For the optimal planning of your tour, we recommend that you ascertain the exact times for the Thermenbahn return trip.

Download map: The Culinary Delights Tour.

The Fantastic Tour (Pleasure bike Tour)

A tour between dream and reality, 39 km, easy

Fürstenfeld - Bad Blumau - Rudersdorf - Fürstenfeld

Harmonize with the philosophy of renowned Austrian artist Hundertwasser (December 15, 1928 – February 19, 2000) man, architecture and nature. A symbiosis of nature and architecture.

Burgau castle

Burgau castle

Tips for your enjoyment: Rogner Bad Blumau, Themenwege, Schloss Burgau, Fritz-Mühle, Pfeilburg, Freibad Fürstenfeld, The Fable path, 1000 year old oak

Download map: The Fantastic Tour.

Bike rentals:

Radverleih Trekkingbikes

Cost: 1 per day € 12,-

Tourist Office Fürstenfeld

Tel.: 03382/ 55470

Radverleih E-Bikes

Cost: 1 per day € 15,-

JUFA Gästehaus, Burgenlandstraße 15, 8280 Fürstenfeld

Tel.: 05/ 7083250

Bike rental with delivery service

Cost: 1 per day from € 15,-

Radsport Samer , Rittschein 62, 8362 Söchau

Tel.: 0664/ 412 1091

More biking trail suggestions

Hiking Trails

The Legends and Fable Track of Fürstenfeld
the beech tree forest

The beech tree forest

beech tree dwarf

A beech tree dwarf

The Legends and Fable path is a footpath starting at the Pfeilburg in Fürstenfeld and leads through the legendary Buchenwald (beech tree forest) to the parish church at Altenmarkt. The trail was established in 2005 as a themed trail.

Along this path there is information on the history of the spa capital Fürstenfeld and the environment.

The narrative also delves into myth, tales and the legendary worlds of the beech forest. During the “expedition” you will be joined by beech forest elves and dwarfs that live in the caves and crevices of the beech forest. It is said that they have often helped and sometimes richly rewarded the good people on the path.

It is rumored that Attila the Hun is buried in the riverbed of the Feistritzsattel.

Vantage Point - lookout tower

Vantage Point - lookout tower

The treasure of Klinserlgraben

The treasure of Klinserlgraben


There are many stops along the way.


Curious? Sharpen your senses and learn about the colors and diversity of the local flora and fauna.

Tickets and information: Tourism Office Fürstenfeld 03382/55470

furthermore you can borrow (yes borrow – not hire) a free GUIDE, who can take you through the stations.

Legends and Fable Track: Website, or download Brochure & Map


A special nature experience on the river

Unique experiences for relaxing, romantic, playful, adventurous river walks in the region Fürstenfeld.

Canoeing on the Feistritzsattel

Canoeing on the Feistritzsattel

The canoe trips on the idyllic, natural, soothing Feistritzsattel from Fürstenfeld to Loipersdorf.

Contact: Norbert Meister, Tel.: 0664/ 3107164 -

... and there is GOLF!!!
golf in Styria

Thermengolfanlage Loipersdorf

Gillersdorf 50, 8282 Loipersdorf
Tel: +43 3382 8533-0
Fax: +43 3382 8533-33

Golfclub Bad Waltersdorf

A-8271 Bad Waltersdorf 348
Tel: +43 (0)3333-240 00
Fax: +43 (0)3333-240 00-24

Golfschaukel Stegersbach

Reiters Golfschaukel Stegersbach-Lafnitztal
Zum Golfzentrum 8, A-8292 Neudauberg
Tel: +43 (3326) 55000
Fax: +43 (3326) 55000-800


Properties for Sale

Beautiful semi detached house for sale in the centre of Fürstenfeld Price: €250.000

Beautiful semi detached house for sale in the centre of Fürstenfeld

The house was built using a solid brick construction and, thanks to the renovations, offers a pleasant standard of living...

P.ID.: TPAI-W1347

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