Properties for Sale in the town and district of Jennersdorf, Burgenland.

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Apartments, Houses and Chalets for Sale in the town and district of Jennersdorf, Burgenland.

Jennersdorf - Town centre

Jennersdorf - Town centre


Welcome to the Burgenland

Welcome to Burgenland

Burgenland is Austria's most Eastern province and only joined the Republic in 1921. Before that Burgenland was under Hungarian administration and called "Western Hungary" or "Vierburgenland" (meaning "four castle land").

Burgenland can boast a string of castles and fortresses known as the "Schlösserstraße" or "Road of Castles". Spanning from Burg Bernstein in the North, through Burg Lockenhaus, Burg Schlaining, Schloss Burgau and Burg Güssing and over the border into Styria the Riegersburg. Since the Burgenland is anything but alpine, the "Road of Castles" is suitable for cycling excursions.

The Town and District of Jennersdorf

The District of Jennersdorf is at the very southern tip of the province of Burgenland. It made up of 12 administrative areas.

The administrative areas of Jennersdorf

The administrative areas of Jennersdorf district

Jennersdorf - The Town

Jennersdorf – Rural even by Burgenland standards.

Jennersdorf has approximately 4,000 residents and is a the district capital (Bezirkshauptstadt), which makes it the administrative, educational and economic powerhouse of the area. That being said, it's not 'much of a metropolis since southern Burgenland is very rural and not very densely populated. Most international (or domestic) visitors will come to Jennerdorf because it is proximity to the Steirische Thermenland (Styrian Spa Region) and especially the thermal spa of Loipersdorf.

A Gasthaus in Jennersdorf

A Gasthaus in Jennersdorf

In summer, the town has a opera and concert festival. Note also the nearby castles and palaces of the "Schlösserstraße". Jennerdorf is connected to the World via a train link that offers fairly good access to Graz and Eastern Styria.

Jennersdorf - Vicinity

The Schlösserstraße
Balloon over Burg Neuhaus

Balloon over Burg Neuhaus

The eastern provinces of Austria have served as a buffer against Magyar tribes and the Turks; from Lower Austria in the north through Burgenland to Styria and Crinthia in the south.

Burgenland and Styria offer great opportunities to explore these castles and - at the same time - follow a "off the beaten track" itinerary.

A total of 18 castles ("Burg" or "Schloss" in German the former a more military the latter a more palace like building,) form a kind of cordon and are now called "Die Schlösserstraße" ("The Road of Castles"). This string of castles was of significant importance and has left an impact on regional culture. The castles are all individually maintained (often privately) and follow their own policy. However they do cooperate in joint tourist and marketing efforts.

The Schlösserstraße passes through some of the best wine regions of Austria. The following are the most notable castles along the route:

The Schlösserstraße in the North.
Burg Bernstein

Burg Bernstein

Burg Bernstein is owned by the heirs of the Counts of Almasy. Sounds familiar? You might have seen "The English Patient" (1996) or read the novel (better than the book). The name given to the "English" patient was Lazlo Almasy and was in fact a Hungarian count - the real Almasy′s family still lives on this scenic castle. Almasy himself was really a pilot, a successful car mechanic and racer he is buried in Salzburg.

Burg Lockenhaus

Burg Lockenhaus

The ancient walls of the Burg Lockenhaus are similarly impressive. The castle has a nature reserve stretching into Hungarian lands and a conference hotel to accommodate up to 600 people.

South of it is Burg Schlaining, a fairy-tale like castle that is also the main site of the "European Museum of Peace and Violence". There are public exhibitions that change frequently. The nearby village of Schlaining has some lovely spots in its medieval centre, several interesting churches and a synagogue.

Burg Schlaining

Burg Schlaining

Schloss Hartberg

Schloss Hartberg

Somewhat to the east is a cluster of other castles. Schloss Hartberg is more of a palazzo dating back to the 12th century, but was refurbished in Renaissance Style in the 16th century and gained some arcades in the 17th century. Today it is used for exhibitions, lectures and concerts. Schloss Schielleiten is another manor with similar usage and a beautiful baroque facade. Schloss Stubenberg is slightly bigger and used as a wellness hotel these modern days.

Schloss Stubenberg

Schloss Stubenberg

Schloss Pöllau is a quite a bit bigger and the predominant feature in the historic market town of Pöllau. The castle used to be an Augustine Abbey and is an impressive baroque building in the middle of a valley that is part of a nature reserve (Naturpark Pöllauer Tal).

Schloss Pöllau

Schloss Pöllau

Schloss Herberstein is famous in Austria for its private zoo, but it is also impressive as a building, art museum and is the site of historic herbal gardens.

Schloss Herberstein

Schloss Herberstein

Central Castles, Vineyards & Spas
Schloss Burgau

Schloss Burgau


The small but very scenic Schloss Obermayerhofen holds a restaurant and a hotel.

Abother small castle, Schloss Burgau, dates back to the 14th century, but was refurbished a few times. It is now owned by the local community Burgau and used for concerts, seminars and exhibitions.

One of the most impressive castles of Austria is Burg Güssing on the Hungarian border. It dates back to 1157 and built on a volcanic mountain, making it the oldest castle of the Burgenland. Güssing, was owned by the Counts of Batthyany.

Today it has a large museum, a restaurant that arranges Medieval style feasts and a well-known Medieval Festival ("Burgfestspiele"). They are also very proud of their well-equipped wine cellar ("Vinothek").

Burg Güssing

Burg Güssing

The mighty Riegersburg is really in Styria but is part of the route. It was also built on volcanic rock (482 metres high) and is private property of the Prince of Liechtenstein (that tiny principality between Austria and Switzerland). Most of today's castle was built in the 17th century; this includes a total of three kilometres of defencive walls to protect the plateau of the rock. It is open to visitors and contains a museum displays the history witches and witch prosecution ("Hexenmuseum").

Burg Riegersburg

Burg Riegersburg

Schloss Kornberg is also worth seeing. You can see the castle itself with an exhibition of the local history or go to the restaurant, which - surprise! surprise! - also organizes medieval feasts.

Schloss Kornberg

Schloss Kornberg

The Southern Castles

The southern tip of the Schlösserstraße has 5 more castles:

Since they are firmly is in Styria country only deserve a brief mention here.

Burgenland's Thermal Spas

Austria is blessed with a whole range of former volcanic zones. Hot springs feed spas developed by the wellness tourism industries. Around the 1990’s Austria made a move from mass tourism to a high-quality leisure industry. That included the construction of several spas, mostly to the South and East of the Alps.

Burgenland has four spas.

The "Therme Stegersbach" ( covers some 9,000 square meters and specializes on a combination of spa treats and golf.

The 1,200 square metres of the "Burgenlandtherme" ( in Bad Tatzmannsdorf is the biggest and best-known spa in the province.

The "Heiltherme" ( in Bad Sauerbrunn is famous for its healing waters that are rich in iron and other minerals. Bad Sauerbrunn specializes on medical treatments.

The "Sonnentherme" ( in Bad Lutzmannsburg pursues the "fun" track and aims for children, babies and families.

The Burgenlandtherme at Bad Tatzmannsdorf

The Burgenlandtherme at Bad Tatzmannsdorf

Burgenland Cycling Tours

A mild climate, 300 days of sunshine a year, gentle, rolling hills – all these are the makings of a perfect bike tour. Southern Burgenland boasts a wide range of cycle paths. Here are a select few:

Burgenland Cycling Tours

Burgenland Cycling Tours

Lafnitztal-Radweg - Lafnitztal Cycle Route - B 75

The Lafnitztal bicycle path starts in Lafnitz (Styria). The path leads along the Lafnitztal river, the Burgenland - Styria border. Through the Lafnitztal Ramsar area through Rudersdorf to Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal (border crossing to Hungary) and Mogersdorf (Train station).


Lafnitztal-Radweg - B75

Profile of the route:

Download the route-map - Lafnitztal bike path-B75

Schlösslberg Tour
Schlösslberg Tour

Schlösslberg Tour

The Schlösslberg tour is a medium difficulty route with some hills and wooded areas! It leads to the Schlösslberg castle in Mogersdorf. In addition to the wonderful panoramic views toward Hungary and Slovenia, there is the exhibition of the famous Turkish battle at Mogersdorf - well worth seeing! This circuit takes you through different country bike paths - the FF14, FF15, B71 and B72. This path is signposted only with the official bike paths names !!!

Profile of the route:

Download the route-map - Schlösslberg tour

Bike path Raabtal-Neuhauser Hügelland B70

The starting point of this cycle route is Jennersdorf.

The B70 goes right around the Raab-Orseg-Goricko nature park. Castles, castle ruins, a Renaissance chateau - Tabor Castle are all on the route. Orchards, much forest land and an atmosphere of the borderland are part of this route. It is at the southernmost tip of Burgenland and one can feel the influences of neighboring Hungary and Slovenia.

Neuhauser Hügelland

Neuhauser Hügelland

Since the Neuhauser hills are on average about 100m above the valley, a total 5 significant steep climbs 600m to 1.500m length for a height differential of 100m have to be negotiated.

Profile of the route

Download the route-map - B70 Cycle Path Raabtal-Neuhauser Hügelland

R11 Raabtalradweg - Raab Valley Bike Path

The Raabtalradweg is fun for all cyclists and is especially popular with families. This route starts in Styria – at the foot of the Teichalm via Passail, Weiz and St. Ruprecht up to Gleisdorf and continues on to Fladnitz and Feldbach to Jennersdorf in Burgenland.



The peculiarity of the Raabtalradweges is the agricultural diversity along the river Raab. The route is mostly level, which is particularly suitable for children, it has good access to public transport (runs along the rail tracks Graz-Szentgotthard) and of course the many family friendly attractions along the way.

Profile of the route

Download the route-map - Raab Valley Bike-R11




Additional signposted cycling routes
Burg Güssing Radweg

Burg Güssing Radweg

R21 - Rittscheintal-Radweg map

B71 - Thermen-Radweg map

B60 – Burg Güssing Radweg map

R12 - Thermenradweg map

B62 - Apfel-Radwanderweg (Apple hiking and biking path) map

Mühlenradtour (The Millers Route) map

Open-air swimming pools
Swimming pools Jennersdorf

Swimming pools Jennersdorf

Erlebnisfreibad Jennersdorf
Freizeitzentrum 2
8380 Jennersdorf
Tel. +43 (0) 3329 46016

Freibad Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal
Schulgasse 7
7561 Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal

Freibad Neuhaus am Klausenbach
Pfaffengraben 1
8385 Neuhaus am Klausenbach

Naturbadesee Königsdorf
Tel. +43 (0) 3325 2266

Properties for Sale

Attractive farmhouse for sale just over the Slovene border Price €345000

Attractive farmhouse for sale just over the Slovene border

This property had been abandoned and unoccupied for about 20 years but was bought about 15 years ago by an English family...


More Information

House with pool for sale in Burgenland Price €390,000

House with pool for sale in Burgenland

Built in 2002 with a large living area leading to a huge conservatory, this property offers very comforatble living.

Kitchen, laundry...

P.ID.: DPAIW-2178

More Information

Former farmhouse for sale near Kapfenstein Price €130,000

Former farmhouse for sale near Kapfenstein

Comprises - Hall, living room / kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom & wc.

Located in the centre of Kapfenstein.

48 sq...

P.ID.: DPAIW-1281

More Information

Building land for sale in Kukmirn near Güssing Burgenland Price € / sq m18,00

Building land for sale in Kukmirn near Güssing Burgenland

Designated building land for sale.

In total there is 3,600 sq m available but it is split into plots of about...

P.ID.: DPAI-GR2082

More Information

Building land for sale in Minihof Liebau Price € / sq m15

Building land for sale in Minihof Liebau

A super building plot available.

On slightly elevated ground with woodland to the rear and extensive open view in front.

Lovely village....

P.ID.: DPAI-GR2081

More Information

Building plot near Weichselbaum Burgenland Price € / sq m18

Building plot near Weichselbaum Burgenland

Located in the district of Krobotek.

Trees can be cleared to offer wonderful views from the new house and still remain...

P.ID.: DPAI-GR2080

More Information

Building plot in Rudersdorf near Jennersdorf Price € / sq m22

Building plot in Rudersdorf near Jennersdorf

Plot for sale on very gently sloping ground in Rudersdorf

Sunny position

1523 sq m available Two adjacent plots can also...

P.ID.: DPAI-GR2057a

More Information

Two building plots for sale near the spa at Loipersdorf Price € / Sq m26

Two building plots for sale near the spa at Loipersdorf

Loipersdorf is the largest spa in the whole of Austria

Great holiday country

Nice attractive market towns close by.

P.ID.: DPAI-GR1117

More Information

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